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TIP - Funded Projects

The Transportation Improvement Program is a 5-year funded construction program. MAG and our regional transportation partners, UDOT and UTA, fund projects, programs, and studies to improve and expand the regional transportation network. MAG funds about 300 million of the 1.7 billion dollar 5-year program. The TIP is the implementation program of the Regional Transportation Plan or TransPlan50. 

Click to the right to View the TIP to see programmed projects, funding, and mapping. Scroll down to learn about the TIP project selection application and approval process, the TIP programming process, TIP policies, and guidance for applying for funding, project rules, and guidance.

TIP Document and Mapping

Learn more about the program and what projects are funded over the next 5 years

TIP Program and Map

2024 TIP Project Selection Process

The TIP Project Selection Process starts in September 2023, with approval of awarded projects in the summer 2024. Local MPO jurisdictions and transportation agencies are eligible for MPO transportation grants for regional tranportation projects, programs, and studies. Click below to learn more about the application, project selection, and award processes.

TIP Project Selection Process