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TIP Project Selection Process

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The MPO selects and funds regional transportation projects for our communities and other transportation partners within the Provo/Orem urban area. About 100 million dollars is programmed every two years. The next process begins in the fall of 2023. A typical process starts with a sponsor submitting a project idea, moving next to a concept, MPO staff conduct a technical review, followed by a review by the MPO Technical Advisory Committee, and ending with the creation of a Project Priority list. Once approved by the MPO Board, the Project Priority List is used, in ranking order, to award available funding. The projects are programmed into the Transportation Improvement Program, with final approval the TIP in August 2024.

Eligible projects include:
>  Active transportation projects
>  Air Quality pollution reduction programs
>  Airport improvements
>  Intelligent Transportation Systems
> Intersection improvements

> New roads and widening projects
> New Transit service, equipment, and programs
> Regional transportation studies
> Safety Projects

Step One Downloads


Create profile, complete application

2024 Project Ideas Ranking List

MPO staff scores 

Step One | Project Idea Application

The first step to obtain MPO transportation funding is to complete a draft Project Idea Application, review it with MPO staff, and present your idea to the MPO Technical Advisory Committee (MPO TAC). This step includes submitting supporting maps, diagrams, charts, etc. The final idea application must be signed by a leader (mayor, county commissioner, agency director) and have proof that the project is supported by the local master transportation plan. One note, capacity adding projects (road widenings, new roads, new active transportation projects, fixed transit stations, or transit lines), the project must be listed in the local master transportation plan before final MPO approval or the project cannot be awarded funding.  Once the Project Idea Application is reviewed and scored by MPO staff, the MPO TAC will be presented the results for their feedback. The project idea report must be completed and scored to move to the Concept Report Stage.

Project Idea Application Process

1. Draft Idea

    • Create a profile on WorkFlow
    • In WorkFlow, fill in required information for the project, including maps, diagrams, charts etc.
    • Schedule a meeting with MPO staff to review draft and gain feedback

2. Final Idea

    • In WorkFlow, complete Final Project Idea Application, with final maps, diagrams, charts etc.
    • Submit signed certification by a leader
    • Submit proof project is supported by municipal/agency plans

3. Idea Ranking

    • MAG staff categorizes project ideas based off identified criteria in the Concept Report
    • Categories given are high/medium/low
    • MAG reviews projects, pros/cons, and ranking with the MPO TAC at Project Idea Meeting
    • Sponsors use information to decide whether to move forward to concept stage

Step Two Downloads

WorkFlow Access

Complete application (to be added in Dec 2023)

UDOT Cost Estimating Worksheet

to be added in Dec 2023

2022 Submitted Concept Reports

to be added in Mar 2024

Step Two | Concept

The next step to obtain MPO TIP transportation funding is to complete a Concept Application in WorkFlow with the same profile you created for the Project Idea Application. The Concept Report is more technical than the Project Idea report and can be time consuming. Sponsors of projects not scoring high in the Project Idea phase should weigh the time and costs associated with this report before proceeding. Some sponsors hire outside help to complete the Concept Report. The application includes a detailed description, purpose and need, benefits such as congestion, number of users, air quality, and a detailed cost estimate using the latest UDOT Cost Estimating Spreadsheet.

The UDOT Cost Estimate Tools must be used for highway, trails, and other construction projects. Once on the UDOT website, download the Concept Cost Estimate Excel Spreadsheet. Sponsors can use other estimation tools for projects that the UDOT spreadsheet is not set up to cost (equipment, studies, etc.). Please submit an explanation of how your estimate work was done. The MPO will have an independent engineer review of each cost estimate submitted.

Please note, the cost estimating tool produces estimates for federal and state projects. Local project cost on average 15% less. If a project is awarded MAG local funding (UT Co. Sales Transportation Tax and MAG Exchange) the total project award will be discounted by 15%.

Step Three | MPO Staff Review

MAG reviews reports and cost estimates for accuracy and circles back to the sponsor for any questions or changes. Next, MPO staff reviews the final applications to give each project a technical score. The scoring is based on criteria clearly outlined in the Concept Application:

       1. Mode Specific Criteria
       2. Environment
       3. Safety
       4. Additional considerations (regional project, additional sponsor funds pledged)

Once completed, the project scores will be posted. 

Step Four 

2024 TAC Review Score List

to be added in Apr 2024

Step Four | Project Presentations and TAC Project Review 

During the TAC Project Review Meeting, project sponsors must be present. Sponsors will give a presentation for each project detailing project purpose and need, cost, and highlights. Maps, diagrams, photos, etc. can be used as part of the presentation. MPO TAC members score each project based on the Project Presentation, the Concept Reports, and the MPO Staff Technical Score creating an MPO TAC Score for each concept. Each MPO member jurisdiction can have one representative score each project. How each member scores projects will be made available to the MPO TAC and MPO Board members. Final scores are tallied to create the MPO TAC Review Score List.

Step Five Download

2024 Project Priority List

to be added in Jun 2024

Step Five | Project Priority List

The Project Priority List is created by merging the MPO Staff Technical Score and the TAC Review Score (each lists score is 50 percent of the total Project Priority List score). Once reviewed and approved by MPO Board, this list is used by MPO staff to match available funding to the highest scored projects and to create the draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP is approved generally the first week in August. TIP approval is considered project approval. All MPO funded projects in the TIP are approved MPO projects. Projects on the Project Priority List not funded in the TIP, can be considered for funding if any new funding becomes available before the next project selection process.