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Regional Transportation Plan for Urban Utah County

The planned transportation projects in TransPlan50 outline a coordinated system of roadway, transit, and active transportation (pedestrian and bicycle) facilities needed through 2050. The plan attempts to minimize impacts on society and the environment while providing enough transportation capacity and choices to ensure the region’s economy continues to grow. The plan focuses on building a robust, intermodal, urban transportation system. The RTP and the plan's primary goals have evolved to keep pace with current financial assumptions and the area's rapid population growth and travel demand needs.

TransPlan50 was adopted by the MPO Board on June 1, 2023.
The regional transportation plan developed by the Mountainland Metropolitan Planning Organization balances growth, a vibrant economy, and future transportation needs.
Photo of two UTA FrontRunner trains at the Provo, Utah station.

Introduction & Mapping

The plan was developed with our planning partners and community input. Modeling shows future needs and funding trends are used to develop fiscal constraints. 

  • Plan Development & Growth
    Learn how the plan is made and how it addresses growth

  • Plan Finance
    The financial plan uses past trends and future assumptions to outline how to implement projects in the plan and identify funding shortfalls

  • Interactive Mapping
    View planned projects, details, data-driven needs, and funding constraints

Plan Goals & Projects

Plan goals are built around the different transportation modes balancing the needs of highways, transit, and active transportation projects. 

Photo of a proposed new interchange at SR73 and Ranches PKWY in Eagle Mountain.
Photo of a shaded paved trail.

Other Information

Review the deeper details, air quality conformity, changes, and past work.

  • Technical Reports
    Learn about how the plan conforms to federal air quality requirements, performance measures, finances, environmental and built environments

  • Plan Amendments
    View official changes to the original plan