RTP 2023 - Technical Documentation | MAG


This report is the new Air Quality Conformity Determination for TransPlan50.

As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), MAG is responsible to develop, produce and adopt the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), TransPlan50. MAG has the responsibility to ensure that the RTP for the Utah Valley urbanized area conform to the air quality requirements of the State Implementation Plan (SIP) and the Environmental Protection Agency budget and interim emissions tests for all pollutants in non-attainment or maintenance areas (40 CFR 93.118 and 40 CFR 93.119). This responsibility is fulfilled when the MPO Board approves the Conformity Determination Report and is approved by federal agencies. 

"Under 23 CFR Part 450 and the BIL Act, federally funded projects cannot be approved, funded, advanced through the planning process, or implemented unless those projects are in a Fiscally Constrained and Conforming Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program."


The Regional Transportation Plan is essential part of the regional planning process. The technical documents outline the work undertaken to develop project needs, timing, funding assumptions, potential impacts to the environment, built environment, and underserved populations, public engagement, and how the plan conforms to federal regulations.