SAP - Station Area Planning Program

Station Area Planning can advance shared goals by maximizing development potential around transit stations through a collaborative city-led planning approach. As per HB462 (2022 General Session), certain cities with FrontRunner, TRAX/Streetcar, or BRT stations must develop a Station Area Plan. Pursuant to HB462, the respective Metropolitan Planning Organization (MAG) is responsible for certifying city-led Station Area Plans (SAP). Cities within Utah County will seek certification from MAG once they have completed the Station Area Planning requirements, adopted the needed land use regulations, and adopted a resolution. 

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Technical Assistance

In partnership with the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (GOEO), MAG provides technical consultant services to local governments for the development of station area plans (SAP) in compliance with House Bill 462 (HB 462).

Local governments with an existing or planned fixed-guideway transit station, including bus rapid transit (i.e., UVX) and passenger rail (i.e., FrontRunner and TRAX), may request technical assistance by submitting an online application. Eligible activities include planning and studies needed to comply with the SAP provisions of HB462, or that support the implementation of transit oriented development within 1/2 mile of a qualifying station. Requests are reviewed and approved by an interagency panel representing MAG, GOEO, UTA, and Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC). Consultant services are sourced from the MAG/WFRC Planning Consultant Pool.

A summary of previously awarded SAP technical assistance is provided below.

SAP Technical Assistance Project Awards

SAP Technical Assistance Project Awards

City/StationProject BudgetDescription
American Fork
$85,000The existing FrontRunner station area plan and transit-oriented development zone are being updated to ensure that all HB 462 requirements have been addressed.
$200,000Building upon the city’s 350 acre downtown plan, the station area plan will ensure that all HB 462 requirements have been satisfied. Local match contributions allow the project area to be expanded by 430 acres to include East Geneva.
FrontRunner & UVX
$175,000The city is developing four SAPs covering six UVX stations and the Provo FrontRunner Station. Technical assistance is being used to update the existing conditions and administer a robust community engagement process.
Vistas at the Point
$150,000An HB 462 compliant station area plan is being developed for future fixed-guideway transit services (i.e., bus rapid transit or light rail) to serve as the northern transit gateway to the city.
Lehi Hospital & 2100N$150,000An HB 462 compliant station area plan is being developed for future fixed-guideway transit services (i.e., bus rapid transit or light rail) to serve the city’s growing employment center.
$150,000The city’s previously-adopted station plan will be updated to meet all HB 462 requirements to serve the community and UVU.

Certification Process Resources

SAP Policy Committee

Certification Process

MAG and Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) are responsible for reviewing and certifying that Station Area Plans, as prepared by respective cities, have met all statutory requirements of H.B. 462. The SAP Policy Committee has been established to oversee the certification process. The SAP Policy Committee is composed of mayors from each impacted city, a representative from the League of Utah Cities and Towns, and a representative from the Utah State Legislature.

Instructions and forms for submitting SAPs for certification will be added here, when available.