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TAG - Technical Assistance to Governments Program

Technical assistance is available to local governments throughout Utah, Summit, and Wasatch Counties for plans and studies that proactively address growth related challenges.  Competitive projects integrate transportation and land use in a meaningful way and align with the region's long-range plans:  Wasatch Choice Vision and TransPlan50.  

Available Funding

  • Up to $1,000,000 annually, depending on number and quality of applications received
  • Assistance is provided in the form of consultant services procured by MAG on behalf of the local government.
Minimum/Maximum Project Size
  • $50,000 to $300,000
Local Match Requirement
  • 6.77%

Sample Project Types

  • Small-area plans
  • Corridor plans
  • Multimodal plans
  • Zoning ordinance/policy updates
  • Conceptual design for specific projects
  • See current/past projects links below and TAG Program Guidelines for more examples

Application  Downloads

2023 Tag Program GuidelinesLetter of Intent FormApplication Form 

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TAG Cycle II Projects

CityProject Name and DescriptionProject BudgetAnticipated Requests for Proposals
Summit County, Oakley, Kamas, and FrancisState Route 32 Corridor and City Centers Plan - Funded in partnership with UDOT,  this project will integrate context sensitive Main Street-as-State Highway design with city center planning for the communities of Francis, Oakley, and Kamas. $150,000June-July 2024
American ForkAmerican Fork FrontRunner Station Area Plan Phase II and General Plan Land Use and Transportation Element Update - This project will allow the city to engage UTA, UDOT, and MAG in evaluating SAP concepts developed during Phase I, including testing the feasibility of realigning portions of Pioneer Crossing and relocating the FrontRunner Station.  The city's general plan land use and transportation elements will also be updated alongside the SAP to ensure alignment.  $214,000May 2024
AlpineAlpine City Main Street and Gateways Plan -  This project will engage residents and local stakeholders in planning for the city's Main Street and three gateway corridors, focusing on multimodal functionality, appropriate land uses, design, and economic benefit.$107,500May 2024
PaysonNebo Beltway Area Plan - This project will engage residents and land owners in planning for the future Nebo Beltway located on the north side of Payson, east of I-15.  The plan will address appropriate land uses, multimodal mobility, economic development, and transitions and connections with existing adjacent development.  The plan will be coordinated with the currently underway Payson Main Street Gateway Plan (a TAG Cycle I project) and the Payson FrontRunner Station Area Plan. $250,000June-July 2024

Amendment to Vineyard Active Transportation Plan to Include Detailed Southeastern Vineyard Active Transportation Element  and Update to Design Criteria for Public Improvement to include Active Transportation Wayfinding and Amenities - Starting with the Mill Road-Vineyard Connector-Geneva Road loop, this project seeks to enhance the safety, navigability, and user experience for all travel modes within Vineyard, with seamless connections to the greater regional network. 

$129,000June-July 2024
Eagle Mountain &
Saratoga Springs
West Utah County Interagency Coordination and Joint Action Plan - This project will identify and resolve discrepancies between local, regional, and state plans and investment strategies.  This project will directly engage MAG, UDOT, UTA, and other agencies as appropriate. $214,000June-July 2024
ProvoStation Area Planning, Phase II - Beginning in 2023, Provo City has been working on updating or developing new station area plans for the Provo Central Station FrontRunner and UVX stations.  Existing conditions and public engagement have been completed.  This project will help the city complete these planning processes in accordance with the requirements of House Bill 462, and to prepare the station area plans for certification. $124,925Continuation of existing contract by amendment


City Project Information Project Budget Requests for Proposals 
Coalville     Main Street Revitalization and Connectivity Plan $50,000 May 2023
Lehi Downtown Revitalization Plan Update and Historic State Street/100E Station Area Plan $215,000 October 2023
Midway Midway Safe and Affordable Mobility Plan  $99,000 June  2023
Park City Bonanza Park Zoning Update $85,000 October 2023
Payson Downtown Gateway Plan $239,250 May 2023
Spanish Fork General Plan Land Use Update and Station Area Plan $225,000 August 2023
Springville North Main Street Gateway Small Area Plan $90,000 August 2023