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Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning - WHY HAVE A PRE-DISASTER MITIGATION PLAN?

Disaster mitigation protects lives and property. It also saves money, about $6 of every $1 spent on mitigation. MAG, at the request of the local jurisdictions in Summit, Utah, and Wasatch counties, has created a plan that helps those participating access disaster funding, both before and after a disaster occurs. Mitigation reduces or prevents the damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires. It involves actions taken before a disaster occurs rather than during disaster response. Participation in this plan makes jurisdictions and organizations eligible to apply for FEMA grants and receive post-disaster funds.

MAG 2022 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

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Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

Process to Create and Approve the 2022 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan