North Lakeshore Area Study | MAG
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North Lakeshore Area Study

MAG is charged with forecasting growth and planning for the larger regional transportation needs for Utah County. MAG produces the TransPlan 50 Regional Transportation Plan outlining what facilities are needed to keep the area moving within Utah County. While developing TransPlan50, it became clear that additional work was needed to further refine solutions for the north valley area. In future years, large volumes of regional traffic traverse the area on limited corridors. The North Lakeshore Area Study focused on better defining a regional transportation system that manages future travel demanded with the collected community values of the region. The recommendations in the report were developed with public and stakeholder involvement. Over 7,000 comments were received. Further refinement will need to occur with the municipalities and UDOT as the next regional transportation is developed.

Study Documents

+ Executive Summary

+ Process and Recommendation Story Map

+ North Lakeshore Study Full Report

+ Travel Modeling Analysis Report