Regional Transportation Plan

TransPlan50 is the regional transportation plan for urban Utah County. The projects and programs proposed within the plan are a coordinated system of capital-intensive roadway projects, transit improvements, and pedestrian/bicycle facilities needed by 2050. Utah County is projected to double its population by 2050 to 1.3 million people. The plan attempts to address this growth while minimizing impacts on society and the environment while providing for enough capacity and transportation choices to ensure the region’s economy continues to flourish.

Regional Goals

The plan focuses on building a robust, intermodal, urban transportation system. The plan's primary goals have evolved to keep pace with our rapidly expanding population and travel demands. Through stakeholder involvement, including elected officials, municipal and agency staff, and the public, five overarching goals have emerged for guild planning efforts.

Funding the Plan

Revenue expected within the planning area through 2050 is proposed at $19 billion, $14 billion toward highway operations, preservation, and projects, and $5 billion for transit operations, maintenance, and projects. New capacity rail and other major projects are generally not funded when warranted. Future funding sources will need to be identified to build the modern rail system envisioned in the plan.

A Growing Region

Utah County is projected to add more people by 2050 than the remaining three Wasatch Front counties combined. Creating a balanced urban transportation system to carry local and regional traffic is crucial. Highways, freeways, transit, trains, and active transportation are all needed to move people and goods. TransPlan50 plans for this growth, demonstrates the demands this places on our transportation system, and offers solutions to keep commerence and traffic, and people, moving. It is the road, transit, and trail map to get us there.


The plan lists the goals, funding mechanisms, and funding need to make the plan a reality and keep our current transportation system running.

Plan Mapping

View TrasPlan50s planned highways, transit, and active transportation projects. Static and interactive mapping is available as well as mapping .shp files  

Amendments & Reports

Find amendments to the plan, the plan's technical appendices, air quality conformity reports, as well as the ability to download the full plan in a .zip format. 

Plan Development

Creating the regions transportation plan takes a lot of coordination, data, modeling, and forecasting. View the process of making TransPlan50 a reality.