In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, please consider conducting all business with MAG staff virtually.

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If a virtual meeting is not possible, masks are required when meeting with MAG staff.


The Caregiver Support program assists caregivers in their care of individuals 60 years of age and older who are unable to perform routine activities to care for themselves.

Although caregiving can be very rewarding, there are times you may not know where to go for answers, emotional support and practical advice, or how to get a break from your caregiving responsibilities. Our Caregiver Support Program, classes and support groups can help provide the answers and support you are seeking. 

Each month, we send out a newsletter with community events, caregiver resources and support group info. 

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Stress-busting for Caregivers

A nine-week course held weekly to help caregivers learn stress-reducing techniques. Next course starts January 27, 2021.

Caregiver Support Program

Assisting caregivers in their care of individuals 60 years or older

Support Groups

Free support groups for caregivers

Music & Memory

Reconnecting seniors with dementia to the world around them through music


Online ideas to help caregivers

Caregiver Conference

Watch on demand the recorded sessions from our November 2020 conference