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View data for the MAG region

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The data that MAG produces is specific to the MAG region (Summit, Utah, and Wasatch Counties). 

    • Traffic Forecast
    • Socioeconomic Forecast
    • Model Volumes
    • TAZ
    • LOS Data
    • Transit Ridership
    • REMM Output Data
    • Parcel Building Types
    • Building Permits
    • Group Quarters
    • Census Data
    • MAG Population Estimates
    • GPI Population Estimates
    • TAZ Data
    • City Forecast
    • TAZ Data
    • DWS Geocoded/Generalized
    • RTP Highways
    • RTP Transit
    • RTP Active Transportation
    • TIP Projects
    • General Land Use Plans
    • Master Street Plans
    • Active Transportation Plan
    • Utah County Trails
    • Wasatch County Trails