Budget FY-2018

The budget is intended to address the needs and priorities of the member jurisdictions in the Mountainland Association of Governments region.


Each department will have evaluated its budget with their various boards before Executive Council approval.

The Mountainland Budget this year will be substantially different than any other previous year.  Overall revenues in each program category are either up or steady from last year. However, the total budgeted amounts will be up from last year's $12.3M to likely over $20.1M. This is due to the funds included in the budget. If funds flow through MAG, we have the funds identified in the budget.  If funds are approved by MAG, but stay in accounts controlled by another entity (e.g. Federal Highways) and are distributed directly to a contractor, then MAG does not show that money in the budget.  As discussed in previous years, MAG have worked out a pilot program with UDOT to trade our federal transportation funds for UDOT state funds.  These funds will now run through the budget.  This change in budgeting will not increase staffing levels. Any comparison with previous years' budgets must take this into consideration. This will allow reduced construction costs for road projects. This year, requests for planning studies in transportation planning will go to TAC before Regional MPO committee.  MAG have funding available for studies, and will make sure the studies are competitive and vetted. Planning studies are a typical line item in the budget.  Additionally, the budgeted Aging funding is less than last year, due to the Waiver and Veteran's funding not being paid through the MAG budget, but instead staying with the originating agency.

Total budgeted salaries have increased from $3.1M to about $3.3M this year or just over 6%.   This increase is due to COLA, Merit and Longevity Bonus as well as an increase in part-time staff and implementation of succession planning. Last year, the budget had a larger increase due to an increase in part-time temporary employee commensurate with increases in one-time funding of programs as well as cautiously budgeting higher than the actual cost.  Fringe has increased just over 15%.  This is due to insurance for permanent part-time employees as directed last year by Executive Council. This year, health insurance has increased 1% (total of $5,500 increase or 1/10 of 1% of total salary/fringe budget) while retirement costs have stayed the same as last year.  In the past MAG has had between 0% and 3% salary increases.  We are heading into the second longest economic recovery since the great depression.  We have been very conservative in the past and continue to be so.  The State is awarding a 2% COLA and covering health insurance increases which amount to about a total combined 4-5% increase. Other agencies staff have contacted are somewhere between 3 1/2% to 5% combinations of COLA, Merit and other considerations. Management are proposing to budget a 5% increase in staff salaries (2% COLA, 1.99% Merit, 1% distributed as a one-time longevity bonus and .01% health insurance increase).


Budget FY-2018

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