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Census Data

For the most recent Census / American Community Survey data, go to Search for a city or place to view demographic and socioeconomic data.

You can also visit MAG's Community Profiles app to view data by community.


Census QuickFacts includes population totals from the 2020 Census, 2010 Census, and most recent population estimates. Other data is updated annually using the American Community Survey (ACS). If QuickFacts are not available, a PDF of 2010 Census numbers is included.

Future Population Projections

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It’s no secret that Utah County’s population is growing. State data released in July 2017 projected that Utah County will continue to rapidly grow, and will approach Salt Lake County in population in less than 50 years.

The 50-year projections indicate continued population growth and illuminate a range of future dynamics and structural shifts for Utah. One of those shifts is Utah County’s skyrocketing population growth. By 2065, Utah and Salt Lake County will each have 1.6 million residents. As of July 2017, Utah County had 624,000 residents, which puts the growth rate at 176%. Total growth in Utah County will equal the total growth of Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber counties combined.

Big families, job growth, and available land all feed the demand for new housing. Today the average household is just below 3.6 persons, in 2065 that number drops to just over 3. This follows the national trends of smaller families but is substantially higher than Salt Lake County and the nation. Two-thirds of our growth will come from births, in other words, we create the demand for new houses and jobs.

MAG uses population projections to create a long-range plan, which details projects and programs that our communities need to adapt to future growth. The high growth projected will dramatically affect transportation planning, community and economic development, and senior services as we plan for the future of our community.

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