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Advance Directives

What is an advance directive?

Advance directives is a living will that allows you to document your wishes concerning medical treatments at the end of life. 

Things to remember:

  • You do not need an attorney to complete an Advance Directive. Many attorneys will include it as part of routine family financial planning.

  • An Advance Directive has nothing to do with a financial Power of Attorney (POA)-- they are two completely different documents and an Advance Directive holds no weight in financial matters.

  • In the State of Utah, the Advance Directive includes two things:
    - the Living Will which allows you to make some o f your medical wishes known
  • - the Medical Power of Attorney which appoints an agent to speak for your when you can't speak for yourself

  • If a person has lost decision-making capacity (dementia or other physical injuries), it is too late for them to complete an Advance Directive.

  • The Advance Directive (Healthcare POA) gives you no authority to make decisions for the other person unless they have lost the capacity to make their own decisions--this is determined by a medical doctor.

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