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OUr mission

To provide education, resources, and services that empower aging adults to thrive at home and in our community. 

Informed Aging

Since 1974, MAG has been serving the aging population and their families in Utah, Wasatch & Summit counties. We are the designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for the MAG region. AAAs were formally established in the 1973 Older Americans Act (OAA) as the "on-the-ground" organizations charged with helping vulnerable older adults live with independence and dignity in their homes and communities. 

As a AAA, we play a key role in:





A wide range of long-term care services and supports
to consumers in our local planning and services area.

Services provided by AAAs under OAA help seniors avoid hospitalization and nursing home care, and as a result, save federal and state funds that otherwise would be spent on such care. 

We address the needs and concerns on behalf of 65,000 older adults by:

  • Creating a multi-year plan for the development of comprehensive, community-based services to meet the needs of older adults
  • Advocating for improved services for older adults and their caregivers
  • Providing information about available services
  • Coordinating federal, state, and other funds that support the service system
  • Coordinating with service providers to ensure that needed services are provided and evaluating their effectiveness

Four-Year Plan

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Under the Older American's Act (OAA), we are required to prepared a Four-Year Plan covering the OAA programs that we administer. This document also maintains our eligibility to receive state and federal funds and to administer program services covered by the plan.

This plan represents the first year in a new planning period, covering FY2024-FY2027. Projects identified are intended to be implemented over the four year planning period, but can be adjusted due to service needs, funding or changes in the priorities of the Department.

Aging Advisory Council

Aging Advisory Council assists the department in planning and coordinating all services that we provide. Having an advisory council is a requirement of the federal government for the agency to receive funding for services.

More than half of all members of the council must be 60 years of age or older. Each year, all members of the advisory council are ratified by the MAG Executive Council. The chair and vice chair of the senior advisory council must be elected mayors, county commissioners, or county council members. Other members of the council represent senior centers, community organizations, service providers, and other individuals which have expertise that can assist us in our efforts.

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Better with age.

Positive aging starts here.
Serving Summit County, Wasatch County, and Utah County.

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