Transportation Improvement Program

The Mountainland MPO Transportation Improvement Program or TIP is a compilation of projects sponsored by municipalities, Utah County, Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, and others utilizing various federal, state and local funding sources. The first four funding years in the TIP list projects and programs with identified funds that can be obligated for preliminary engineering, construction, and implementation. All capacity increasing projects in the TIP must come from the first phase of MPO transportation plan, TransPlan40. Any project not listed in the first phase of the plan must be amended into the plan before being added to the TIP. This requires an analysis of air quality and fiscal conformity.

Transportation Improvement Program Highlights

TIP | Transportation Improvement Program Document
The Transportation Improvement Program lists funded regional transportation projects and programs for the next 4 years.
TIP Interactive Projects Map
TIP projects interactive map that allows the user to click on a project and get information about each project.
Annual TIP Progress Report
Annual reporting of larger transportation projects listing progress and funding obligated.
Funded Projects Concept Reports
Each project funded by Mountainland has a concept report detailing what's proposed
TIP Project Selection Process
Mountainland selects transportation projects and programs to be funded with federal and county transportation funds.
TIP Modifications and Amendments
Changes to the TIP can occur monthly and are listed here