Regional Planning Department

The Mountainland Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) serves the transportation stakeholders in urban Utah County. The MPO works with the municipalities, the county, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Utah Transit Authority, Federal Highway and Transit Administrations, and the other MPOs of the state to create a dialogue, collaboration, and consensus about the important land use and transportation decisions before us. Our boards and committees are made up of elected officials, technical staff, and community members.

Regional Planning Department Highlights

MPO Regional Planning Committee
The committees that recommend and supervise all regional transportation planning and air quality matters for Utah County.
Joint Policy Advisory Committe
WFRC and MAG established JPAC in 2002 in cooperation with UDOT and UTA.
MPO Unified Planning Work Program
Includes MPO budget and work to be done by the MPO, UDOT, and UTA in the urban area.
Public Participation Plan
Mountainland solicits public participation and integrates public concerns throughout the planning process.
MPO Bylaws
The Bylaws define the membership, officers, functions, duties and responsibilities of the MPO.

Maps and Data

Maps for our plans and programs and data produced by Mountainland, the state, and the US Census Bureau.

Transportation Planning

Includes funded transportation projects, studies, the regional transportation plan, active transportation, and air quality data.