Transportation Planning

Mountainland is the regional transportation planning group for urban Utah County organized as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). An MPO is formed to allow all transportation related decision makers a voice in the process to plan and fund regional transportation projects. Our partners include all Utah County municipalities, Utah County, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Utah Transit Authority, and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. Our work includes long and short range forecasting of population, jobs, and travel demand to develop a regional transportation plan. We partner with UDOT, UTA and our local jurisdictions to fund transportation projects and to help our communities with land-use and transportation planning. Our goal is to promote good planning for the proposed 1 million people that will call Utah County home by 2040.

Transportation Planning Highlights

Regional Planning Department
The Metropolitan Planning Organization for urban Utah County. Includes Committees, Bylaws, Public Participation and Work Program.
Active Transportation - Trails
Utah County has over 80 miles of paved trails and much more is planned.
Air Quality Conditions
Vehicle emissions are now decreasing and will continue to in the future due to a new technology called Tier 3 vehicles and fuels.
Corridor Preservation Program
Funding to identify and acquire land to protect future highway corridors from development.
MPO Documents & Agreements
Click here to view a variety of MAG related documents, agreements, certifications, and procedures.
Tier 3 Gas
Want to reduce your car’s pollution? Here's where you can get cleaner Tier 3 gas in Utah.
TIP - Transportation Improvement Program
Includes funded regional transportation projects in urban Utah County for the next 4 years.
TIP Project Selection Process
MAG selection process for awarding transportation projects federal, state, and local funding.
TransPlan50 Regional Transportation Plan
Planning the transportation system to 2050.
Transportation Studies
Current and past land use, highway and transit studies.
UTA RideLink
Provides resources to human service entities to provide transportation for seniors, persons with disabilities, and others.
Utah's Unified Transportation Plan
Statewide transportation plan, includes urban MPO areas and rural areas.
Wasatch Rural Planning Organization
Rural Transportation Planning in Wasatch County.

TransPlan50 June 2020 Amendment

TransPlan50 is being updated. Learn more about the amendment and let us know your thoughts on it.