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Utah Valley Trail Activity

The paved trail network in Utah Valley has been a valued and growing recreation and transportation option for many years. This year, usage levels have shot up drastically in relation to previous years. We believe this is a direct result of the “Stay Safe, Stay Home” and social distancing measures now in place, as residents are seeking ways to stay healthy, both mind and body.

The growing paved trail network is designed for all users, of any age and ability, and is proving especially valuable in enhancing our quality of life during this difficult time. The following tables compare trail use counts from April 2019 versus April 2020.

Counter Location April 2019 April 2020 Increase
Murdock Canal Trail @ 1100 N Pleasant Grove 20,912 52,575 151.4%
Provo River Trail @ Canyon Mouth 20,246 47,271 133.4%
Jordan River Trail @ Inlet Park 7,964 21,619 171.5%
Mapleton Lateral Canal Trail 4,311 17,852 314.1%