Summit County Specifics COVID-19 Emergency Small Business Grant Program

Information Specific to Summit County Applicants

The goal of the program is to assist small businesses located in Summit County that have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak. Funding for the program is provided through the Utah State Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. The CDBG program received additional funding to address COVID-19 through the recently passed CARES Act. Eligible businesses may apply for up to $7,500 each. The minimum amount that can be requested is $1,000.

Priorities of This Grant Program

Summit County has been awarded a limited amount of funds for this program. 

A federal requirement of CDBG funds dictates that the majority of funds must be used to benefit Low- to Moderate-Income Persons and Households. This requirement is the reason that the priority of the County is to fund LMI businesses.

LMI/LMA Requirements

LMI is based on average area income calculations made by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

These criteria will be used to determine if a Person/Household is considered LMI.

A person/household is considered LMI based on the information provided to MAG using the Income & Residency Verification Forms. These forms must be completed by ALL owners and employees for a business. To protect employee privacy, employees may complete these forms and send them directly to This information will not be shared with the employee, beyond a list of individuals we have received forms from. ALL FORMS ARE DUE BEFORE AUGUST 10TH @ 11:59 pm. Businesses that have not submitted all Income & Residency Verification Forms before this date may be deemed ineligible to receive funding.

Income & Residency Verification Forms are available in English and in Spanish. A video walk-through of how to complete this form can be found here.

These criteria will be used to determine if a BUSINESS is considered LMI.

Micro-Enterprise: a business that has 5 or fewer employees (including all owners). The Business Owner must be qualified as being LMI. If a business has under 5 employees (including all owners) AND the business owners qualify as LMI, only the business owner must submit an Income & Residency Verification Form. 

Low- to Moderate-Income Jobs: a business, that has 20 or fewer employees, that has at least 51% of all business owners and employees that qualify as LMI. This category includes businesses that have 5 or fewer employees, but the business owner does NOT qualify as LMI. ALL OWNERS AND EMPLOYEES must submit an Income & Residency Verification Form before August 10th.

Low- to Moderate-Income Area (LMA): a business is physically located in an area that qualifies at least 51% LMI. This is based on Census data from HUD. If a business is physically located in an Low- to Moderate-Income Area, Income & Residency Verification Forms are NOT required. Businesses not located in these cities may still apply for this grant.

LMA Cities in Summit County Include: (all businesses located in these cities count as LMA)







If your business is not located in one of these cities, please contact our office for assistance in determining if your business is located in a Census Block and Tract that qualifies as LMA. If uncertain about LMA status, please submit all Income & Residency Verification Forms for ALL owners and employees.

Urgent Need:

A small portion of these grants may be awarded to businesses that do not meet Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) requirements. Please note that priority will be given to businesses that meet Low- to Moderate-income requirements.

Overall Program Requirements and Information Can be Located Here

Applications will be open beginning July 27th at 12 am and will close on August 3rd at 11:59 pm.

A preview of the application can be found here.

While MAG will attempt to aid as many businesses as possible, the filing of an application is not, nor should it be perceived to be, a guarantee of funding. Applicants should note that there is a set amount appropriated for these grants, and once this budgetary limit has been reached additional applications will not be considered. 

Businesses needing technical assistance with the Summit/Wasatch County CDBG Small Business Grant Program can call (801) 299.3691 or email