Reporting and Reimbursement

Reporting on project accomplishments is submitted at least quarterly, usually in conjunction with expense reimbursement requests. Approved documentation of expenses incurred is required for all payment requests.

Reimbursement Process

Requests for reimbursement for eligible project expenses must be received by CDBG staff no later than the last Friday of each month. The reimbursement process takes approximately 30 days from the time the sub-recipient submits the request to the time the check is received.

Please submit reimbursement requests through Neighborly no later than the last Friday of the month. 

Public Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Required Document: Proof of income, race, and residency for all project beneficiaries
  •  Format: LMI Surveys 
  •  Submission: With grant application

Public Services and Economic Development Projects

  • Required Document: Proof of income, race, residency for all project beneficiaries, timesheets, receipts, invoices, bank statements, copies of checks, and documents of all expenditures.
  •  Format: Self-reported intake form administered by the grantee to clients. Use "Income Verification Forms" link above to access the forms.
  • Submission: with quarterly reports and reimbursement requests

For more information about reporting and reimbursements, contact:

Jessica DeLora
Program Director
P: 801-229-3831 E: