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As Gwen Thibeaudeau, a long-time volunteer, made her rounds of deliveries she noticed something was off at 85-year-old Joe Scott's home. He wasn't waiting for her as he usually did. She checked his door to see if he had left it unlocked so she could put the meal on the counter for him. As she opened the door, she found him slumped over in his armchair. After failing to wake him up verbally, Gwen tried to shake him awake, still with no response. She called 911.

As it turns out, she saved his life. 

Joe had taken the wrong medications by accident and lowered his blood pressure to dangerous levels. 

"They said if it has been two hours later, I'd have been gone," said Joe. But his son suggests that two hours is a generous estimate. Another 30 minutes without medical attention could have left Joe brain dead for lack of oxygen. 

While Joe and his son both attribute Gwen with saving Joe's life, Gwen remains modest about that claim. 

"It just happened to be the day I was here. It all just happened right at the right time. It was meant to be." said Gwen. 

We truly believe that Meals on Wheels is more than a meal. Thank you to Gwen and all of the other volunteers who are making a difference each day!

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