The History of MAG

Zoning Enabling Act

A Standard State Zoning Enabling Act was a model law for U.S. States to enable zoning regulations in their jurisdictions. Drafted by a committee of the Department of Commerce, this act was one of the foundational developments in land use planning in the United States.

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Federal Highway Act

This act required that all federally aided highway projects in metropolitan areas must be based on a "cooperative, comprehensive, and continuing planning process."

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Housing & Urban Development Act

This act is a major revision to federal housing policy in the United States which instituted several major expansions in federal housing programs.

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Model Cities Act

Model Cities Act focused on comprehensive planning and resources for local communities. The Model Cities initiative created a new program at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) intended to improve coordination of existing urban programs and provide additional funds for local plans.

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Circulars A-80, A-82

A-80 required a common set of data (population, demographic, etc) to be used across agencies and address the need for sub-state planning district. A-82 required for metropolitan areas an area-wide agency, which to the greatest extent possible, should be composed of locally elected officials.


Federal Intergovernmental Cooperation Act

This act was adopted to promote maximum cooperation among various federal agencies and federally assisted projects and programs with state and local agencies.

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Executive Order Created District Boundaries

Utah Governor Rampton created executive order that created regions in Utah to better provide state and federal programs on the local level. This order suggests boundaries for eight planning districts.


Creation of Mountainland by Communities

While the Governor created the boundaries, it was an interlocal agreement between cities and counties that created the Association of Governments.

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Tourism and Promotion Added

MAG became the area-wide Travel Council until 2002. The program effectively publicized the area resulting in large increases of tourist dollars into all three counties.

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Federal Aid Highway Act

Provides funding for existing interstate and new urban and rural primary and secondary roads. It also funded a highway safety improvement program.

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Metropolitan Planning Organization Designation

MAG operates as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Utah and Wasatch counties.

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Comprehensive Employment and Training Act

The Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA, Pub.L. 93–203) was a United States federal law enacted by the Congress, and signed into law by President Richard Nixon December 28, 1973 to train workers and provide them with jobs in the public service.

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Mountainland Law Enforcement Planning Agency Added

Under Human Services Programs, MAG was given the responsibility of administering MLEPA. Law enforcement is now administered by individual cities until 1980.


Human Services Added

MAG assumed the responsibility of administering the following Human Services Programs: Community Action, Aging, Title XX. Following that action, Mountainland sought and received designation and certification as the Area Agency on Aging for the region.


Community Development Block Grant Added

CDBG is a flexible program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs.


Technical Planning Assistance to Cities

MAG offers planning assistance in the physical development of communities, grantsmanship, and management and reorganization studies.


208 Water Quality Planning

MAG was designated as the the Water Quality Planning Agency for Utah’s Planning District #3 until 2008.

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Economic Development District Added

MAG must develop a regional development plan that is the basis on which EDA determines whether or not it will fund a project. Because of the MAG designation, this area has received millions of dollars that otherwise would not have been available.


Circulars A-87

Established principles and standards for determining costs for Federal awards carried out through grants, cost reimbursement contracts, and other agreements with State and local governments.

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Job Training Partnership Act

MAG was contracted for administrative services of JTPA to assist unemployed seek employment or become employable through training and assistance until 1997. The program is now run by Utah Department of Workforce Services.

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Revolving Loan Fund Added

MAG operates the Revolving Loan Fund that is used for development and expansion of small businesses in our community. The Fund fills a gap in economic development by lending to businesses that would not otherwise be eligible for a traditional bank loan.