How to Apply

We are currently scheduling appointments at 801-229-3855, or online.

During our regular season, there are several ways to apply:

  1. Contact us at 801-229-3855 to schedule an appointment. When calling, please be aware that phone lines are often very busy, especially in the early months of the program. Please listen closely to the options listed in the message, and you may need to call us back if you are unable to get through. All appointments must be scheduled in advance; there are no walk in appointments available.

  2. Schedule an appointment online. Please call us at 801-229-3855 to schedule an appointment if you have a shutoff notice.

  3. Download an application below and mail it, along with the required documents, to the address below. Please be sure to provide all required documentation with your application for it it to be processed more quickly. (See required documents.) 

    Mail your application to:
            Mountainland Association of Governments
            Attn: HEAT Program
            586 E 800 N
            Orem, UT 84097


    You may also fax your application and required documents to 801-229-3671, or they may be scanned and emailed to (Please be aware that faxed or scanned documents must be legible in order to be accepted.)

  4. Email us at to request an application, to submit an application, or to request an appointment. Please be sure to include your full name, address and phone number with your request so that we can follow up with you.

  5. Apply online. You must first register to receive a Username and Password. Please be sure to review the online application requirements to be sure your household is eligible to apply online. All eligibility requirements must be met in order for your online application to be approved. If you have a shutoff notice, you should not apply online.

If you are returning documents following an appointment or in response to our request, please fax those documents to 801-229-3671; or scan and email them to (Please be aware that faxed or scanned documents must be legible in order to be accepted.)

PLEASE ALLOW SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS FOR APPLICATIONS TO BE PROCESSED. This will require families and individuals to continue to pay their utility bills after their application is submitted in order to avoid shut off. We cannot expedite applications if a shutoff notice is received after the date of application. (See Crisis Policy.)

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