In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, please consider conducting all business with MAG staff virtually.

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If a virtual meeting is not possible, masks are required when meeting with MAG staff.


Friendly Callers matches seniors with a volunteer for one-on-one weekly phone conversations. 

Volunteers are local from your community and together you can decide how long and how often you talk each week. Callers are matched by gender and where possible by interests, veteran status, etc. 

Seniors who stay socially connected have:

  • increased health
  • better intellectual stimulation and cognition
  • reduced emotional & physical pain

Learn more about MAG Friendly Callers
Call 801-229-3810 or email

Volunteer to brighten someone's day.

Volunteer callers must:

  • Be age 18+ and pass a background check
  • Be able to call weekly (around 10-15 minutes)
  • Download & complete enrollment packet

Receive a Call
Let us help you connect with a new friend.

Call Recipients must: