Davis-Bacon labor standards compliance

All construction work that is financed in whole or in part by CDBG funds is subject to Davis-Bacon Labor Standards and Related Acts. In summary, the Davis-Bacon Act requires that all laborers and mechanics working on construction projects financed by the federal government be paid the prevailing wages for each job classification. Davis-Bacon requirements govern construction projects over $2,000, including demolition and building rehabilitation projects that alter or repair public buildings and/or public works.

Labor Compliance RESOURCES

Davis-Bacon Process & File Checklist

Guide to assist grantees with the labor compliance process and file requirements.

HUD Form 4010

Summary of applicable laws and regulations. This form must be included in bid documents and contracts.

Contractors Guide to Making Davis-Bacon Work

A guide to help contractors meet labor compliance requirements.

Section 3 Self Certification

Contractors and their subs must report on their Section 3 and minority owner status.

Employee Rights Posters

Posters in English and Spanish must be posted conspicuously at the work site for the duration of the project.

Payroll Form WH-347

Weekly certified payroll reports must be completed by the contractor or subcontractor, reviewed by the grantee project manager, and submitted to CDBG staff.

Payroll Form Example

Example to assist with correctly filling out the WH-347 form.

Employee Deduction Authorization Form

This form must be signed by any employee with non-standard deductions from their paycheck.

Delegation of Signature Authority

Must be signed when staff other than the president/owner signs certified payrolls.

For assistance with Davis-Bacon compliance, contact:

Jess Bedingfield:
Program Coordinator
P: 801-229-3691  E: cdbg@mountainland.org