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Past Transportation Studies

Transportation studies focus on the different transportation types in a specific corridor or area.

Past Transportation Studies Highlights

American Fork Main ST Vision Plan
The study identified infill development areas and strategies for encouraging retail, restaurants, office and community events.
Inter-Regional Corridor Alternatives Analysis
A comprehensive plan for the best mix of transportation solutions to meet long-term 30 year inter-regional mobility needs.
Lake Mountain Area Plan
Study identifies transportation projects and strategies satisfying the travel demand in the western Utah County area.
Nebo Area Plan
A study looking at land-use and transportation scenarios for the south Utah County area.
Northeast Area Plan
The study looked at travel demand and land-use for the northeast area of Utah County.
Northern Utah County Transit Study
The Study looked at future transit market and options in the northern part of Utah County.
North County East-West Study
Identifies east-west transportation solutions in the northern portion of Utah County and develop corridor preservation strategies through 2040.
Provo Area Transportation Study - 1967
Volume 1 - Inventory of Existing Conditions
Provo to Nebo Transportation Study
Studied ways to alleviate future congestion in the Springville area due the geographic constraints of the mountains, lake, and wetlands.
Provo/Orem Area Plan
Growth and transportation strategies are identified for the Provo/Orem area of Utah County.
Provo Scenic Corridor Management Plan
This plan was created as a prerequisite for applying to create the Provo River National Scenic Byway. Updated November 2008.
Salt Lake Area Long Range Plan - 1987
WFRC 1987 Salt Lake Area Long Range Transportation Plan
SLATS - 1965 Salt Lake Area Transportation Study
Future Transportation Plan for the Salt Lake Area Transportation Study
Transportation Springville/Spanish Fork
Studied two new I-15 interchanges and connection roads within Springville and Spanish Fork.
West Lake Study
Vision study for areas west of Utah Lake including Cedar and Goshen Valleys.