Caregiver Conference Videos

Thank you so much for joining us for the 16th Annual Caregiver Conference! We are able to provide recorded videos of our sessions because of our generous speakers.  

Please click on the session you are interested in below. After hitting play, click on the YouTube link on the bottom to watch the video in full screen. You can also view the Conference Playlist on YouTube.

You Are Not Alone / Geri Lehnardt
Lessons from Grandma on Coping with Emotions of Caregiving / Kristi Reeves
Caregiver Resiliency: 10 Techniques, Tools & Tips
/ Elayne Pearson
Musical Performance / Hannah Jane
Creating Joy: Managing Everyday Moments / Kathy Nelson

Connecting Through Reminiscing 
/ Karen Rodgers & Gary Piner
When You Can't Find Joy: The Unexpected Gifts of Caregiving / JeanneLauree Olsen
Self-Care Strategies
/ Geri Lehnardt
Finding Humor Where Things Aren't Funny / Mindy Hill

Navigating Caregiving, Career, and Community / Susan Madsen

 Unpaid Care Impact 
 Unpaid Care Among Utah Women

Benefits & Expectations of a Support Group / Geri Lehnardt

5 Legal Messes You Can Avoid 
/ Klea Harris

 5 Legal Messes You Can Avoid 
 Resources to Avoid Financial Exploitation

Staying Connected in Challenging Times / Linda Cole
Alzheimer's and the Progression of Dementia / Lara Wall

Practical Help in Caring for a Loved one with Dementia 
/ Nancy Madsen

 Tip Sheet- Dementia Behaviors & Communication

Music & Medicine: A Wellness and Self-Care Session for Caregivers / Kristi Phillips

 Song Lyrics

Creative Interventions to Reduce Social Isolation for People with Dementia & Their Caregivers 
/ Rosemary Quatrale


Taking Control of Stress and Anxiety Through Breathing and Biofeedback / Joey Ulrich

A Guided Meditation Experience for Managing Stress / Jenny Cleveland and Elizabeth Jensen
Influencing Skills: How to Help Loved ones Make Difficult Choices / Justin Allen

 Grow Worksheet

Adaptive Movement to Facilitate Memory, Motion & Relaxation 
/ Sara Schmidt

How to Build a Village / Rosalind Hilkey
Community Connections: Free and Low-cost Supportive Services You Never Knew Existed / Geri Lehnardt & Samantha Collier


Navigating the Options and Challenges of Placing a Loved one in Long-Term Care 
/ Susie Yorgason

Guardianship vs Power of Attorney: Your Rights, Their Responsibilities / Klea Harris
Secrets to Successful Caregiving
/ Jeremy Yorgason
Healthy Grieving During COVID: Challenges and Opportunities
/ Mark de St. Aubin
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