TIP Project Selection Process

Every two years, Mountainland selects transportation projects and programs to be funded with federal transportation funds allocated to the MPO and with Utah County Transportation Sales Taxes. To apply for funding, first review the calendar for deadlines and important dates. Complete a project Idea form detailing your project and supply supporting materials. This will be reviewed by the Mountainland Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). If selected to go foreword, a Concept Report with a UDOT Cost Estimate Form and supporting materials are next needed. Mountainland staff review and rank the Concept Reports. The TAC committee next conducts a field review of all projects. To finally select projects the TAC committee uses the information from the Concept Reports, MAG staff ranking, and the field review to create a final ranking of projects to fund. Mountainland staff merges this list with available funding. The TAC committee makes a final recommendation to the MPO Regional Planning Committee (mayors and commissioners) of what to fund.  

TIP Project Selection Process Highlights

2016 Final Project Priority List
MPO TAC created this draft list to be used when programming MPO transportation funds. Awaiting approval by MPO RPC.
MAG/UC Project Management
Policy and guidance forms for project sponsors awarded Mountainland and Utah County transportation funding.
Project Selection Process
Shows the process from start to finish in developing and funding projects.
TIP Policy/Process
Policies and the process to develop, select, and fund a project are listed here. Includes CMAQ eligibility.