Mountainland Association of Governments
Aging & Family Services
586 East 800 North
Orem, UT 84097

Aging Department Main Phone: 801-229-3804
Fax: 801-229-3671
HEAT: 801-229-3855
Media inquiries: 801-229-3835

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday


Ann Humpherys Long-term Care Ombudsman 801-229-3821
Annie Christensen RCI REACH- Caregiver Education Specialist 801-941-1403
April Sandberg Aging Database and Billing / Human Resources  801-229-3825
Bonnie Lewis RSVP Program Director 801-229-3810
Brianne King  Meals on Wheels Coordinator 801-229-3802 
Dawn Loper  SHIP Counselor  801-229-3819 
Geri Lehnardt  Case Manager and Caregiver Program Director  801-229-3814 
Heidi DeMarco  Director of Aging Department / Contracts and Budgets / Heat Program Mgr  801-229-3806 
Jen Holden Case Manager 801-229-3851
Jenny Cleveland RN- New Choices Waiver 801-229-3852
Jeremy Pehrson  Nutrition Program Manager 801-229-3803 
Jessica Adams Billing Clerk 801-229-3845
Jimmy Golding Volunteer Coordinator, Meals on Wheels 801-229-3821
Joan Stradling  Information and Referral  801-229-3804 
Karen Rodgers RCI REACH- Caregiver Education Specialist 801-941-1192
Katie Chase Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Coordinator 801-229-3820
Keri Lloyd-Burton RN- Aging Waiver Program 801-229-3812 
Leticia Garcia Case Manager- Summit & Wasatch County 801-336-8937
Linda Cole Lead Long-term Care Ombudsman 801-229-3809 
Lisa Miller Case Manager 801-229-3815 
Marilyn Sorenson Case Manager 801-229-3817 
Michelle Mulford RSVP Volunteer Coordinator 801-229-3820
TJ Sadleir Options Counselor/Veteran Benefit Specialist 801-229-3811
Samantha Collier Case Manager 801-229-3839
Stephanie Benson Public Relations & New Projects Coordinator 801-229-3835 
Susie Yorgason Long-term Care Ombudsman 801-229-3807 
Vicky Erickson Case Manager 801-229-3808 
Wendy Hays Assessment Specialist 801-229-3846


Senior Nutrition/Meals on Wheels
Jeremy Pehrson Nutrition Program Manager 801-229-3803
Brianne King Meals on Wheels Coordinator  801-229-3802 
Jimmy Golding  Volunteer Program Coordinator  801-229-3821 
HEAT Utility Payment Assistance  801-229-3855
 Heidi DeMarco Heat Program Manager 801-229-3806
In-Home Services    
TJ Sadleir Options Counselor 801-229-3811
Geri Lehnardt Case Manager 801-229-3814
Jenny Cleveland RN - New Choices Waiver 801-229-3852
Jen Holden Case Manager 801-229-3851
Keri Lloyd-Burton RN- Aging Waiver 801-229-3812
Leticia Garcia Case Manager - Summit & Wasatch County 801-336-8937
Lisa Miller Case Manager 801-229-3815
Margaret Williams RN - Aging Waiver 801-229-3812
Marilyn Sorenson Case Manager 801-229-3817
Samantha Collier Case Manager 801-229-3839
Vicky Erickson Case Manager 801-229-3808
Linda Cole Lead Long-term Care Ombudsman  801-229-3807
Susie Yorgason Long-term Care Ombudsman 801-229-3809
Ann Humpherys Long-term Care Ombudsman 801-229-3827
Medicare Counseling    
Dawn Loper SHIP Counselor 801-229-3819
Bonnie Lewis SHIP Counselor 801-229-3810
Volunteer Opportunities    
Jimmy Golding Meals on Wheels  801-229-3821
Susie Yorgason Ombudsman 801-229-3809
Bonnie Lewis Retired & Senior Volunteer Program 801-229-3810